Coma or catatonic

If I ever fall into a coma or become catatonic while I was asleep it is most likely because I had a dream about getting shot in the head, and in the dream I had severe brain damage and am a vegetable.  What I wish for people to do with me at that point is to take me to one of those sleep specialists, and detect when I hit REM after I go to sleep, or induce REM artificially.  Then while I'm dreaming a bunch of people and a doctor have to act like they are in the dream world, so I can hear them, and act like I am getting brain function back.  It might take a while but this is the only thing I see working.  I will then snap out of it once I regain a certain amount of function and I will be able to change back into reality.  This would probably work even in real life if I got shot in the head, to rebuild neuron connections and bring back brain function from mush.

Rubber roads, concrete wheels/tires

It's all in the title.

Why aren’t there any tornadoes in PA?

I really want to have a tornado occur somewhere local to me.  I will drive my car into it, wearing a parachute, and when I am at the top I will jump out and let it centrifuge me out so I can sky-dive back down.  I might not even pull the chute cord, because I will most likely get struck by lightning, which I have stated already will give me superhuman abilities, and I will just make a crater in the ground when I land.  If you're reading this HAARP, please try to trigger tornadoes in my location, and try to make it an F6!


What happened to the Technics series of Legos?  Yes, they are still around, but in the late 1990s Lego decided to start combining parts to make assembly easier, and I would also assume, to cut production costs.  Well thank you, you have lost a customer.  I liked the Technics because it was logical, and mathematical, and made you think.  Why not just get rid of all the series and make only Duplo?

Getting struck by lightning

I want to get struck by lightning.  I KNOW that I would live through it and gain superhuman abilities.

Universal turn signals

When I sit at red lights in a turning lane, I usually end up staring at the car's turn signal that is in front of me and listen to the click of mine.  I cannot stand when the 2 go off sync.  I think there should be a radio signal broadcast throughout the world that has a 1Hz frequency.  Then every car would have an antenna to receive this pulse and blink the turn signal off of this, resulting in everyone having the same turn signal flash rate.