Bottlehead Crack build log: Speedball ½ built

The Speedball is half built.  They accidentally sent me two small boards and a small board before it's split apart.  Just waiting on the proper board to arrive.  I'm glad for the error because I didn't care for how they split the board.  It looks like it was cut with something that incises instead of something like a saw, so I was able to split my own and I used a hack saw to get a nice edge.  I still need to buy a powder coating kit, a toaster oven, and all of the Torx hardware from McMaster-Carr.  A company is CNCing the bracket I designed for the 9-pin socket.  The only other thing I need to do before I can sit down and start assembling is to machine (find someone to let me use a mill) an indent into the top plate for the headphone jack.