The other night I had this crazy crazy dream and it's affecting my brain more than others in the past.

I was in my room and it was dark.  I was trying to change settings on a surround sound receiver because it was staying on even though it was off.  I look down at my arm and it looks all anorexic.  I get into some light and from my shoulder to my elbow my arm is all gangrenous.  The triceps and all that skin are gone, and the skin on the biceps side is already black and peeling away.  A muscle and blood vein must have been still alive because everything on my forearm was OK and I could use my fingers, and I could move my forearm with my biceps.  So I go outside to the garage and ask my friends brother if he can take me to the hospital and he is refusing because he is too busy.  Then I wonder where my car is to find out his mom took it.  She comes pulling up returning home, and hits a curb, going like 2 mph and flips my car.  I flip out, and she gets all pissed at me for being pissed, despite my arm being almost gone.  Then I get my keys back and I drop them on the side of the street where water is flowing from rain and my keys float away.  She gets them and throws them at me.  So I venture back towards my car and I keep seeing random 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills floating in the gutter and in people's yards, so I figure I gotta get my arm amputated, I might as well consider this money mine, I'm gonna need it.  Then I head back towards my car and a bunch of hood rats are arguing with guns, but they leave me alone.  I go to start my car and that's when I wake up for real.

I have dreams a lot about nuclear war and they're disturbing, but this is weird and I'm paranoid about my arm contracting some kind of infection and rotting off.  I went and looked for pictures of gangrenous limbs and my dream pretty much seemed really realistic and graphic, and I never saw any imagery of that before in any form.